Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rahul's clarification: Too little, Too late

The emperor's new clothes are a laughing stock. A prince's new clothes must be a ridiculing stock!

The main point is not that Rahul has clarified. The main point is why he made those remarks! And what is his state of mind, if not exposed by wiki-leaks. Wiki-Leaks have revealed the dark secrets in the minds of Congress-Persons and now they are attempting to camouflage it by "clarifications".

If Varun Gandhi was called a communal for making aggressive statements for defending hindus, he was attacked by the Congress and its stooges. And now when Rahul makes blatantly anti-hindu statements and that too not in a political speech, but rather in a secret conversation, he is being defended by Congress-stooges.

This is why I have said time and again, that Congress is so blatantly anti-hindu party that it has to be destroyed, if India has to survive. The great scourge Mohandas, if only he ever made an intelligent suggestion, it was, Congress must be disbanded. But since that bandit of a politician, the crafty and sly Jawahar was there too, he managed to deflect that suggestion.

So Congress has survived to further its anti-hindu agenda, just exactly as Islam is there to be anti-non-Muslims. So congress is a natural ally of all anti-hindu forces, and it provides a fulcrum for all of them to collude and conspire.

Those who have intelligently rejected Mohandas must destroy Congress, and those who follow that walking-poison-for-hindus Mohandas, must follow his advice and disband Congress. So in any case, Congress has to be destroyed.

Rahul and Digvijay Singh are only two poisonous flies in the comb of poisonous wasps that masquerades as a political party in the name of Congress. Just exactly as Islam and Christianity are political ideologies masquerading as religions.

We (Sanatana Dharmis) must quickly recognize their farce, and cleanse our system of them.

And mind you, beware of falling into the traps of truly secular parties like the SP-BJP!

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