Friday, December 10, 2010

Pat Down Security Check of Meera Shankar : The Issues

Recently there has been a Hulla-Balloo about pat-down security check on India's envoy to the US Ms Meera Shankar. The media seems to express righteous indignation and they recall SRKhan's supposed ordeal at a US airport last year which lead to his Broke-Back mountain partner Karan Johar making a movie MNIK (My Name is Khan) amongst other things.

As Indians we have to understand an important distinction between a law-abiding society and a law-less society! We as Indians are inching towards lawlessness. Why? One may ask. Let me give you something to chew on.

A typical western person takes pride in the fact that even the highest ranking person in his country is subject to the same set of laws that govern the common people. While in India, even the smallest politician prides himself in the claim that how law does not apply on him!

Now, you need not even go to the level of politicians. you take any Samiti, Group or whatever: The rules applies to "ordinary members"; while "office bearers" are above the rules! You go to a government or private hospital, or anywhere!

Thus in India, while law-makers discuss a new law, they are completely oblivious to its implications, and they can afford that, for the law will never apply on them! In few and far between cases if the law indeed applies on them, you can see the dismay and righteous indignation on their faces! These days, even petty media persons (like Barkha Dutt) consider themselves to be above the law! Huh.

In more enlightened nations, this is not so. Rules are made to be implemented!

So it comes down to whether as a society we have respect for the rule of law. We must admit that as Indians, we don't have that, well most of the times. Thus there is a rush for seeking immunity from law!

Post 9/11 and other such attempts, the US (and the west) is rightly concerned about their security. Why do they have to be like India, which is sitting like a lame duck even after 26/11 where its own home minister was giving a running commentary on the deployment of forces for the benefit of the terrorists!

So, they have implemented the body scan or its alternative pat-down check. And they might as well do it for their own people. And they are doing it on all!

So why should Meera Shankar have any quibbles on that? Why should SRKhan not be subject to the security check that every other person is subject to? Who should be and why should anybody be above the rule of law?

As long as the Dumb-fuck Indians, do not develop self-respect, and thereby develop respect for the rule of law, thereby respect the process of law-making, so long as we are not serious about that; we have a problem on our hands.

I just now heard on the news that the Security Authority of the airports in US has refused to regret the pat-down check, and I commend them. The diplomats of India are not above the law, even more so, the law of a foreign land.

Indians may have the habit of cringing before the VIP's, not everyone else! Not only Meera Shankar, Sonia too should undergo pat-down security check somewhere, so that they might develop some semblance of respect for the law for ordinary citizens. Those who are used to traveling in cars with red-lights in India have heads far above their shoulders. It is high time that they let it rest where it must, on the shoulders and the feet on the ground.

Oh, and I miss being the one giving pat-down checks to some of these beauties. But I guess they employ only women security employees for patting women passengers. Should we fight against this gender discrimination too? Hahaha.

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