Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Manmohan Singh and Rajdeep Sardesai : Two bums of the same crack.

Turbaned Dumb-Fuck Manmohan Singh thinks he is as much above suspicion as Caesar's wife, while the evil Rajdeep Sardesai surmises that it is the sciety whose corruption is the culprit. Both these have been analyzed here and here. Not that there is nothing wrong with the society in India. However, Rajdeep is the last person who deserves to point this out. And Manmohan is Brutus imposting as Caesar's wife.

Now, one always wonders whether Rajdeep is merely evil or besides being evil he is a Dumb-Fuck too. And similarly whether TDF(Turbaned Dumb-Fuck) PM Manmohan is merely a DF or evil as well.

Recently I was speaking to an academician who had been a great fan of Manmohan for the latter's academic credentials. It was ironic to notice the change in perception of the former. After skimming over the details of Nuclear-Deal (Both the Nuclear Bill and the Liability-Bill), the abysmal performance post 26/11 in relation to national security, the academician thought that the charitable explanation for Manmohan's actions could be that he wants to ensure 8% GDP growth even at the coast of a 26/11 every two years so that India becomes an entity to reckon with in the global community so that perhaps then India will be able to call its shots. Now this is a typical example of prejudice over evidence.

Notwithstanding how meek this turbaned clown looks, his actions (decisions) in the past have epitomised callous dumb-fuckery at best, and devious traitorousness at worst. Unless the script-writer of the events to unfold be a David Dhawan producing a 'hit" for Govinda which will establish Manmohan as PM-Number-1, all the odds based on evidence are to the contrary.

A skeptic might ask: 'Where's the hard evidence?'. Well, what others are doing is the evidence! In view of all that the UPA governments both 1 and 2 have done, if Manmohan was what he pretends to be or what gullible people take him to be, then he would either have resigned (finding himself too weak to make UPA government move in the right direction) or engineered a change (in the right direction). It is clear as broad day-light that he has done neither. Rather he is allowing his suave image to be used by Congress as a veil behind which they can hide and implement their devious and evil plans. Nuclear Bill, Liability Bill, 2-G scam, POTA repealment, handling J&K, are only a few amongst the many subversive and corrupt actions.

A person who thinks nice of Manmohan, must be exceedingly simple minded if not a blatant conspirer.

As for Rajdeep, I think he can still be a better cricketer than he is a media-person! And the comment is about his media-ability and not his cricketing-abilities which hardly anyone knows. This man is trying to be in media what Manmohan has successfully been in politics. A nice man. Phew.

An unfortunate thing about India is that there are no leaders! Only self-fulfilling bureaucrats who seek to further their own selves in the public-sector hierarchy! You name any so called leader whether in politics or in media or anywhere, and what you will get are either corrupt scoundrels who look like themselves or corrupt scoundrels who look like school boys who have been chosen monitors of their classes.

And yet as always, I repeat: O the only hope, O these crores of lovely gullible Indians, rise to rewrite your destiny.

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