Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Digvijay Singh is so full of SH*T that his eyes look brown ...

Even before I asked in one of my earlier post that the allegations by this blighter Digvijay Singh must be investigated I had almost sniffed this coming from him.

Now this bag of shit has opened his foul mouth again to deliver a few more stinkers. He now claims that BSNL does not have the records since the incident took place more than twelve months ago. I surmise that he made his revelations deliberately more than twelve months later so as to avoid possible verification. This is typical strategy of Congress-persons. This pot of shit , in the same news item, also claims that he is not a liar!

Another item accuses Mr. Singh of politicising India's darkest hour. I think that is a very charitable charge. What this petilential blob of turd is up to is much worse. As a blogger has commented: DS is Pakistan's ISI's dream come true. I think the blogger still has been very mild in his opinions. Mr. Singh must be in the pay-rolls of ISI, if not directly, then indirectly through the arses he licks, namely those of Sonia and Rahul. Please note that neither of these two have chastised Mr Singh. This Singh is trying to worst the elder Singh who got the affirmative action policy implemented for higher education and even at places meant for technical excellence!

Even a marginally sane person should wish that the false fears expressed by this Singh turn out to be true and those hitherto nonexistent beings somehow come to life and inflict on him in the worst possible manner that which this poisonous liar claims would have been inflicted upon the late chief of ATS.

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