Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Evil Event Revisited

Every time we see the replay of incidents as they unfolded on that fateful night of June 4, 2011; we feel limitlessly outraged.

The sight of women getting lathi-charged, elderly people choking, women limping with bandaged heads, ... -the list is endless - can melt even a stone. Yet, it did not move the hearts of Congress-persons. No remorse, no contrite apology; only arrogance, only intransigence!

For the sake of argument, even if we disregard that there were women, children and elderly, and assume that there were only adult men (ages between 20-35 years). Would such an eviction seem justified? If we further assume that it was done at 1 in the afternoon and not at 1 in the night; would such an eviction seem justified?

The unequivocal and only answer is a firm and non-negotiable NO. The more we think, the stronger we feel. It is NO, NO, and NO!

Again, for the sake of argument, it does not even matter, if the existing laws allow such an eviction, though we are reasonably sure that the law does not allow this. But even if the laws allow this, then the law must be changed.

A law, a Constitution, that does not recognize the right of people to lodge their grievance peacefully is in itself unlawful, and unconstitutional! It must be changed, nay, it must be thrown away! The sooner the better. Recall that for much flimsier reasons the constitution has been amended in the past. For example, recall Shah Bano Case etc.

What the government ordered and what the police carried out is surely exacerbated because of the presence of women, children and elderly; and the fact that it was carried out in the night. However, the basic fact is that the very act of evicting peaceful demonstrators is not merely wrong, it is evil!

It is such highly evil that the perpetrators lose any right to further participate in the governance. They should not only be forced to resign (if they do no do so voluntarily), they should be accorded exemplary punishment.

Here we express our deeply felt sincere wish. Sibal, Digvijay, Manmohan and Soniya, amongst many others, must be taught a lesson that even the onlookers wouldn't forget. They must be forced to endure the same indignity, fear, pain and agony, that they were instrumental in perpetrating on the peaceful demonstrators.

The way this government has dealt with its own citizens, it has lost the privilege of being spoken to. A government must be so sensitive to its citizens that it must respond to what the citizens whisper in the night! For otherwise the citizens are forced to shout. When the government fails in this, people protest, then take to streets. If, in spite of all this, the government not only does not heed, in stead it violently and barbarically crushes a peaceful dissent, then it is no more a government. It is a tyranny. And a tyranny must not be protested against. It must be uprooted and thrown. It must be destroyed for ever.

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