Sunday, June 26, 2011

Advani's Late Pseudo-Enlightenment!

Mr. L K Advani's viola event is here. He writes ruefully about "Two missed opportunities, six disastrous consequences" and blames Jawahar (Nehru) for wrong decisions.

The fact that Jawahar hardly ever took any right decisions is something so blatantly obvious that we wonder how Advani took so long to see this light! But wait, it may be pseudo-light! For, we wonder why he did not chastise his senior Mr. A B Vajpeyee, when during his speech in parliament, Vajpeyee was gloating over the fact that Jawahar had praised his (ABV's) performance and that people had likened him (ABV) to Jawahar. Be it Advani, be it Vajpeyee, be it Ms. Bharati, they keep repeating the same blunders.

Then, Mr. Advani goes on to sing glories of Mr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji about this and about that. Well, hoisting national flag in Shrinagar was a great moment. However Advani forgets that Mukherji had resigned from Hindu Mahasabha. Recall that Hindu Mahasabha wanted India to be a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation), and the reason for Mr. Mukherji's parting with Hindu Mahasabha was, as per the wikipedia entry on Hindu Mahasabha: "Mookerji had left Mahasabha after his proposal to allow Muslims to gain membership was turned down by Savarkar". Savarakar was the head of Hindu Mahasabha then.

Mr. Advani in one of his earlier posts sermonized Congress to reconsider their decision on Mr. Savarkar. What is your decision on Mr. Savarkar, Mr. Advani? And are you, or the BJP, willing to reconsider your decision on Mr. Mukherji? Or is it Mr. Advani's moment of pseudo-enlightenment?

To us it appears that like Mr. Mukherji, like Mr. Advani and so on! The greatest tragedy with Hindus is that their self-appointed leaders have no clarity but maximum confusion. And the worst part is that they neither realize nor admit to their confusion. They want to exhibit great clarity and exude greater confidence.

And come to think of it, what a pity? Imagine the following:

1. Mr. Mukherji left Hindu Mahasabha because it denied membership to Muslims.

2. Mr. Vajpeyee prides himself in being likened to Jawahar.

3. Mr. Advani thinks highly of Jinnah (and Jinnah's Secularism!)

Do we need more examples before we learn that the self proclaimed political leaders of the Hindus are so bankrupt between the ears!?

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