Sunday, June 19, 2011

Uma Bharti: And Her Dumb-Fuckery

Uma Bharti has been a fire brand leader of the BJP. She was unceremoniously and more importantly unjustly thrown out of BJP for making statements which peeved the then BJP high-command! So much so for the freedom to express dissent in the BJP! However, recently she has been inducted into the BJP fold once again. So far so good.

But it looks as if this home coming has gotten into her head and she has started indulging in thoughtless rants. Not that she was ever known for making very measured statements, yet she was passable.

In her recent speech she declared that she would gift Jawahar's book to Mr. Rahul (Doggy Singh's protege) Gandhi. She further continued:" ...I want Rahul to learn from his grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru how to respect your opponents ...".

Uma Bharti will do well to learn that Jawahar had scant regards for points of view contrary to his own. His dastardly behavior was mentioned here. Jawahar is also reported to have referred to many freedom fighters as "mis-guided youth".

By showing respect for that man, Jawahar, Uma Bharti has exhibited Dumb-Fuckery. Readers might recall that Anna Hazare exhibited similar DF-ery recently by writing a letter to Sonia Gandhi.

BJP leaders would do well to learn very quickly how to avoid being dumb-fucks. Sarcasm may be OK but DF-ery is not!

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