Saturday, June 11, 2011

The dilemma facing Mohandasians !

Santosh Hegde called some of the demands made by Ramdev divisive. Anna commented that Baba Ramdev is not mature enough to lead! We wonder what Baba's answer would be. And what are the reasons? Their reasons are, amongst others:

1. Baba's call for making youth wing capable of protecting itself, technical education in Hindi, and so on [Santosh Hegde]

2. Baba's call for arming youth, and the nature of decision-making, that is unilateral as opposed to consensus building. [Anna Hazare]

Our readers will recall that we had mentioned the perils of Mohandasian tendencies quite early in the game. Given that Baba is potentially as Mohandasian as Anna and Hegde, and that each of these people have exhibited high-handed behavior while claiming to be working for democracy, and also accusing the other of high-handedness! For a general review, please see here, here, here and here.

As we mentioned emphatically earlier (here, here and specially here), at the moment, the focal point must be the evil nature of the atrocious decision, and the barbaric nature of its implementation on June 4-5, 2011. The focal point must be that this government must go and then there must be a national-debate on core issues.

However, these buffoons are playing into the divide and rule game of Congress. Baba may not be mature enough to lead, but then neither Anna nor Hegde are! Anna, despite being old enough, isn't wise enough, and Hedge, despite being a judge, is not judicious enough!

However, being Mohandasians, they are bound to face such dilemmas.

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