Monday, June 6, 2011

The Main Point that must be stressed!

The media has been conducting endless debates over the evil that happened during the night of Saturday, June 4, 2011, wherein the Police committed crimes against peaceful and innocent citizens, and worst of all, they committed evil acts on women, children and elderly.

We were appalled by the lack of intelligence of the anchors and the participants of the debate. They were all meandering over questions of various hues and colors. Whether Baba Ramdev is clean or otherwise, whether the fight is becoming political, and so on.

In our opinion, none of that is germane to the issue. The ONLY point, or rather points that must be stressed now are:

1. Police committed evil during the middle of the night while the peaceful protesters including women, children, and elderly were sleeping.

2. Manmohan and his mistress are the prime culprits, and along with these two, every other who is responsible must be convicted and given exemplary punishment.

3. Kapil Sibal (he said: Jo hua, achchha hua), Janardan Dwivedi ( he said: Manmohan is the "true Sanyasi"), Digvijay Singh (he said: *#$@!). All such people must be tried as accomplices.

Mark my words! Mere resigning from the post will not do. They must be tried and convicted and given exemplary punishment. No elected leader in a democracy must ever even imagine getting away with an evil deed like this.

In our opinion, these are the main points. Anyone who after this evil act even as much believes in the leadership of Manmohan or Sonia, does not deserve the right to even contest elections.

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