Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is self-protection Violence Mr. Hegde?

Santosh Hegde called Baba's demands for arming youth as violent. So here is the epitome of Mohandas for you. This was the reason why their icon, Mohandas, while open to dialogue with the British, opposed other freedom-fighters like Bhagat Singh, calling them violent!

Is there any reason why we should not call these actions and the actors thereof (Anna and Hegde) Dumb-Fucks? I would love to see Anna and Hegde react if the police beat them in the night.

Our heart bleeds for our nation. With such imbeciles claiming to lead the Civil Society, we can be rest assured that what we will have is only Civil Servantry (a Euphemism for Civil Slaves!).

They are not addressing the issue of violent violation by the state of fundamental liberties of its citizens; while they are busy emphasizing their insistence on non-violence! Surely they are Mohandasian Dumb-Fucks.

The Congress has successfully driven wedges amongst various groups fighting against corruption. The evil will continue for a while. The only solution to this conundrum is decimation of the leaders of Congress, for they are refusing to change their ways.

We pray that the youth of this nation, notwithstanding what stands are taken or modified by Annas and Babas, realize the fundamental nature of political reality. Strength respects strength. Citizens need to be strong else their own State ceases to respect their liberties!

We exhort the youth to rise to the occasion and teach the tyrants a fitting lesson. For it is they and their progeny which needs to be protected from such tyranny in the future.

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