Saturday, June 11, 2011

Congress talks nonsense about RSS-BJP

If wolves were politicians, they would accuse deers of harboring violence since they grow horns! Well, the Congress is worse than Wolves in Sheep's clothes. If there is one thing on which we agree with Mohandas, then it is with his wish that Congress must cease to exist.

Earlier, until the times of Indira Gandhi, the American secret services, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was the hidden evil behind everything. Indira was so foolish that once she blamed even the failure of the monsoon on the hidden hand of CIA.

However, now the times have changed. The Congress has sold itself out to the USA, and has its usual breakfast with ass-licking the USA. But, then who do they blame for all of their own follies? The Congress has found an easy target, the RSS and the BJP.

The Congress is promoting a three layered propaganda on this matter.

1. RSS-BJP are Hindu parties.

2. There is Saffron terror, and is fueled by SP (Sangh Parivar = RSS+BJP+...)

3. Saffron Terror, if there is any, should be eliminated.

We claim that each of this is patently and blatantly false.

1. SP (RSS_BJP) are not Hindu parties. It is very very unfortunate that in our country there are no Hindu parties! Headless RSS, follows the footsteps of Golwalkar who had deep respect for that pedophilic psychopath, otherwise known as prophet muhammad. BJP calls itself nationalistic while its leaders and mentors propound their confused concepts of Hindutva.

RSS-BJP are secular parties who are soft on Muslim-communal parties like the Congress, The Communists and so on, by calling them pseudo-secularists. SP, sadly and unfortunately, are not opposed to secularism.

The fact therefore is that RSS-BJP are secular and not Hindu parties.

2. The Congress was never knowledgeable about the difference between crime and punishment, evil deeds and retribution, and unprovoked action and reaction under sever provocation. Their philanderer father Jawahar always thought of Rana Pratap, Shivaji, and even revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh "misguided youths". Those who have been unfortunate enough to read the Discovery (Distortion) of India by that imbecile would know what we are talking about.

Thus Congress hastens to categorize legitimate reaction as Terror, and the peace-loving hard-working people from whom such reaction emerges as Saffron!

Thus, there is no such thing as Saffron Terror at the moment.

3. It is unfortunate enough that there is no such thing as saffron terror. After all a large group of people, whose rights have been callously and brutally both denied and violated for centuries, are expected to react. But unfortunately Hindus are too peace-loving to explore other options. Now, in the absence of even a semblance of saffron terror, to intend to eliminate, while ignoring the already existing terror from Islam and Communism, is evil.

Recall that the Congress has never termed Naxalites and Indian Mujahideen as Red-terror (Communist Terror), and Green Terror (Islamic Terror), which is how they should rightly be termed as. And given the preponderance of communist terror and islamic terror, the occurrence of saffron terror should be seen as a rather delayed reaction.

Recall that the stupid and evil Rahul Gandhi proclaimed in UP that if the Congress had been in power, the disputed structure at Ayodhya would remain intact. He has no similar sympathies for other religions.

Thus, completely contrary to what the Congress claims:

1. BJP-RSS are not Hindu parties.

2. There is no Saffron Terror.

3. Even if there was any Saffron Terror, it does not deserve any worse treatment that Communist and Islamic Terror.

We would rather exhort as earlier:

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

Also we would like to state that:

1. There should be Hindu Political Parties.

2. Hindu youth must ready and equip themselves so that they can react appropriately to oppression and tyranny on Hindus.

3. So long as Communist Terror, and Islamic Terror and their likes exist, Saffron Terror (Hindu Terror) must thrive and flourish, and strive for Hindu self-preservation.

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