Monday, June 6, 2011

The Evil joke called The Preemptive Action (June 4, 2011)!

In one of the funniest possible justification for the evil atrocity on peaceful and sleeping protesters which included women, children, and elders, the Congress PM , Manmohan, says that it was unfortunate but it was inevitable.

Manmohan, do you really mean it?

The government claims (this is what it has been showing to the Americans) that it has credible intelligence that Pakistan has terrorists-training camps in its territory. Manmohan, you never have had the political will or the courage to make a preemptive strike against those!

Now, you have the gall and the audacity to order the most brutal attack on peaceful demonstrators, in the middle of the night, inflicting atrocities on women, children, and elders; and you say it was inevitable!

We don't care what your intelligence was. We don't care whose mistake it was. We don't care about the credentials of Baba Ramdev. We don't even care about what the people in Ram-Lila grounds were contemplating.

You cannot punish people for what you assume regarding their intentions.

You cannot disperse in this way peaceful protesters because you are afraid that they might become unruly.

You cannot term the denuding of women, choking of elders, and heart-numbing cries of children, as inevitable!

You, your government, your leader, and your party are EVIL. You should be, must be, and will be made to pay for this evil.

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