Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ramdev turns Armdev: That is the Way to Go

After the events of the dark night, it was anybody's guess that the only recourse for common peace-loving citizens who love their freedom and dignity would be to take up arms. Well that is what Baba Ramdev announced yesterday.

The Congress canines both male (Dog-voice Singh) and female (Ms. Nut-Rajan) reacted, expectedly, like a dyspeptic rattle snake.

Sometime later, however, Baba issued a clarification:"... I am not training Naxals or Maoists but people who will fight for this country ... People should not take my statement in the wrong context ... Our Constitution is supreme ...".

We beg to differ on the matter a bit. A Constitution that does not allow the right to bear fire-arms is an unacceptable Constitution. A citizen must have the right and the wherewithal to fight against the state if it should ever become tyrannical, which it has become!

The Congress wants only the Naxals, the Criminals, the Islamic terrorists, and the unwieldy police, and so on, to be armed to the teeth, so that one, some or all of these can wantonly perpetrate violence on the unarmed peace-loving citizenry (most commonly Hindus!).

The Congress must experience what it has imposed on the crowd on that dark night (June 4, 2011). We don't trust the peace promised by the Congress or the Constitution that has been foisted upon the people by the Congress.

We demand a New constitution. No less will do!

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