Friday, June 10, 2011

Digvijay Singh is an ISI Agent

The way this rabid canine has been yapping, the biped dog, Digvijay Singh must be investigated. Anna Hazare called for his admission into a mental asylum. That is close to the mark. But we believe him to be an ISI agent.

If you trace the trajectory of comments that have emanated out of this foul-mouth, you will immediately suspect him of membership of the ISI. Everything that is even remotely beneficial to the Hindus is fascism for this bast**d. Anything that is even obliquely a service to the cause of Indian Civilizational Nationalism is communalism for this ass-h*le.

Now how can that be? Can someone be merely out of his mind and conjure up such insane views? If an insanity is too bloody consistent then it smacks of subterfuge. And so it is. If you juxtapose it with the fact that Jawahar took pride in his Mughal cultural leanings, and always expressed shame regarding his being born a Hindu; and that this blighter DS is the mentor in chief of the great-great-grandson of the same pestilential beast; it is obvious except to those with utterly and extremely feeble intelligence that the preceptor must be some agent. The moment this thought emerges, then it is a plain simple conclusion that DS must be a member of the ISI.

Oh yes, his great respect for the founder of Al-Qaida OSB, merely corroborates the obvious. Thus, India must, even before it worries about Dawood Geelani (Dean Headly), it must investigate Dig Singh, along with no doubt, the others of his ilk. Just to name a few, well almost all Congress-persons.

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