Monday, June 6, 2011

This PM and his Mistress are Evil!

The nation saw what happened during the night of Saturday June 4, 2011. It is not merely a black day in the history of India. This is black day in the history of humanity. Attacking sleeping women, children and elderly people is something that the Islamic invaders did.

Anyone who was gullible enough to think that Manmohan was personally a clean and honest man, must be feeling guilty of a committing a crime! And his mistress? Well, words fail to describe her evil nature.

The history of this family is replete with Hindu-hating acts. In the following, we give a few examples:

1. About Jawahar - the the evil root of this family - Sitaram Goel narrates an incident in his book (please see here):

I happened to be in Delhi towards the end of 1947 or in early 1948, and went to see my journalist friend from America. As I have mentioned, he had left Calcutta for Delhi soon after India became free. As I sat down with him in the Coffee House, he said, " Sita, who does this man think.he is? Almighty God?" I asked him, " Who? What has happened?" He told me the story of some Sadhus who had sat down on an indefinite fast near Pandit Nehru's residence in New Delhi, and were seeking an assurance from him that cow slaughter would be stopped now that the beef eating British had departed. My friend said, "I had gone there to take some pictures, and gather a report. American readers love such stories from India. But what I saw was a horror for me. As I was talking to one of the Sadus who knew some English, this man rushed out of his house accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Pandit. Both of them were shouting something in Hindi. The poor Sadus were taken by surprise, and stood up. This man slapped the Sadu who had moved forward with folded hands. His sister did the same. They were saying something which sounded pretty harsh. Then both of them turned back, and disappeared as fast as they had come. The Sadus did not utter so much as a word in protest, not even after the duo had left. They had taken it all as if it was the normal thing." I observed, "But in the case of Pandit Nehru, it is the normal thing. He has been slapping and kicking people all his life." He concluded, "I do not know the norm in your country. In my country, if the President so much as shouts on a citizen, he will have to go. We take it from no bastard, no matter how big he happens to be." I kept quiet.

India conceded about one third of Kashmir because of this bastard. And of course, later in 1962, owing to Jawahar policies, India tasted a shameful defeat in the war against China.

2. Indira, the next in the line, imposed emergency for the flimsiest of reasons. Thousands were tortured in jails. Later, merely to rectify some consequences of her own political mistakes, she ordered army into the Golden temple. After she was assassinated the Congress party, along with its Muslim goons, perpetrated riots and atrocities on Sikhs in many parts of the nation, worst of all in Delhi. Her son, Rajiv, remarked: "once a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it shakes."

3. This same Rajiv Gandhi, fooled by the old fox Junius Jayawardene, then leader of Sri Lanka, sent Indian military personnel to be killed, in the infamous peace-keeping operations in Sri Lanka. This was one of the worst botched peace-keeping operations in the history.

4. And now, on June 4, 2011, this atrocity.

We wonder if this leaves any doubts regarding the evil nature of this family, and her stooges. Such evil people and their party should not merely be defeated, they must be destroyed, and yes literally!

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