Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Answer This Mr. Manmohan Singh!

In a recent press meet on June 29, 2011, the Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh declared that he is not a lame duck PM.

There are multiple things which are strange about this meet like:

1. Only five chosen editors were invited for the meet.

2. It has been decided that now the PMO (PM's office) will hold a press meet every week!

and so on. Some of these issues are well analyzed in an article (see here).

We want to analyze from a different perspective and re-establish what we have been claiming so far.

First, let us note the following:

1. We currently are in a parliamentary democracy.

2. Thus the parliament is the supreme authority, and being the leader/head of the parliament, Mr. Manmohan Singh is the head.

3. Now, such a head can be of two types:

a. Lame Duck Type
b. The man in-charge Type.

Please note that a lame duck head can beg for blamelessness citing that he was not in-charge and someone fired over his shoulders.

4. Manmohan declared that he is not a lame duck PM thus he is the man in-charge! And thus Manmohan is answerable and responsible for the things that are happening in this UPA-II regime.

5. All kinds of bad things are happening in the UPA-II regime where Manmohan is in-charge. Financial fraud (CWG, 2-G), democratic governance frauds (Handling of the Anna followers on Lokpal), evil treatment meted to citizens (eviction of Baba Ramdev's followers).

6. Either Manmohan is lying or he is not lying.

7. If he is lying then Manmohan is a dishonest man. And if he is not lying then he is the man incharge and the frauds are happening with his knowledge and thus he is a dishonest man.

8. If Manmohan is a dishonest man, then he could even be colluding with all these scamsters and pocketing huge money!

9. And in spite of all this, he wants to portray himself as an innocent honest man.

This man Manmohan is EVIL.

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