Thursday, June 9, 2011

The PAIN(ter) Dies ...

Amongst all kinds of blood boiling news items, there was a whiff of fresh air in the form of news that the big pain in the backside, M(other) F(u**er) Hussain died in London.

Surprisingly, unlike his usual self, Bal Thackeray had a somewhat mild comment on the croaking of the poisonous frog. Mr. Thackeray said:"Damage may have been caused to modern art due to his demise. That's all. May Allah give him peace".

We felt a more appropriate remark would be: "No Damage was caused to any art due to his death. Though while alive, he did cause immense damage to art whether modern or otherwise. May he be judged for what he was, for he may have to rest in pieces."

The unworthy, walking container of mephitic excreta, Dog-voice Singh barked:"... .there were some reactionary organisations which took direct action against Hussain ...The activists were from hardcore Hindu fanatic organisations...". It is becoming abundantly evident that the worthier the cause, the more asinine the yap from this rabid canine.

The other canine infected with the worst mange, Ka-pill Si-bull(sh**) hasn't yapped yet. We were looking forward to hearing a "Jo hua achchha hua" this time too!

It was really annoying to watch the news readers and certain other celebrities, including the once eye-full Ms. Dixit, pay glorious tributes to one who was, to say the least, a blot on the landscape. But, may be that's India! For the national self appointed elite mass seems to be replete with ass-lickers; the bigger and smellier the ass, the more ardent the lick!

Lest we be reminded that someone has died and that it is unbecoming of someone claiming to promote Hindu-culture to indulge in berating a dead person, let us reiterate that notwithstanding the generally accepted customs, we do not wish to deny someone what one rightly deserved. And the pain(ter) deserved much more of what we said of him.

Harping on "freedom of speech" while sulking instead of eulogizing the Danish Cartoons equally, as art-work; betrays a dubious commitment to the principle.

By the way, the said cartoons themselves, in our opinion, portray their central character in rather a very adulatory manner. The character portrayed there, epitomized the worst pedophilic psychopath the world has ever seen.

But of course, do biped dogs have any brains?

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