Saturday, June 18, 2011

On this term Civil Society

One is getting sick of this term "Civil Society". The reason is not that being civil is despicable; far from it. But the way the term civil society is used to denote only those people who are associated with Anna Hazare's movement while other such endeavors are denoted by some other terms, for example Baba Ramdev's followers, frankly peeves us.

This discrimination makes it appear as if anyone who is not associated with Anna belongs to "Uncivil Society". If you called Congress by that name, "Uncivil Society", it would make sense (though it is much much lesser than the truth); but the current generalization of calling only those associated with Anna's movement as Civil Society is an insult to the rest.

It would make much more sense to call this group Anna's followers, as the Congress is Sonia's backside cleaners. Those who claim that the whole nation is behind Anna must then agree that the whole nation is behind Baba as well! This is not meant to drive a wedge between various movements against Corruption, rather this is an effort towards removing existing wedges!

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