Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Demand (post June 4, 2011)

The system has failed. That Manmohan and Soniya must go are obvious. That Sibals and Singhs must be kicked is a forgone conclusion. That Congress must be destroyed is undoubted.

But we need to understand one more point:

We need a New Constitution.

Let us collect a few simple facts:

1. Five years is simply too long to bear any bad government. Leave alone an evil one like the present one.

2. Parliamentary system, with collective (read ambiguous) responsibility, is too irresponsible to fix any responsibility for any action.

3. The executive must be directly elected as the legislature is. Law-makers, should have no role in executive. No sitting Members of Parliament as minsters! No Prime minister as the head of the government.

Consider the present crisis:

Thousands of peaceful non-provoking protesters were committed atrocities upon. Who takes the blame? Who is actually responsible? Remember, politicians love parliamentary system because they can easily wash their hands off anything. Remember, Indira Gandhi washed her hands off the sins of emergency. Manmohan will try to wash his hands, and more importantly Soniya's hands, off this evil act. The Congress will try to wash its hands off by blaming merely the Police.

We need to understand that even if the Police had not committed any atrocities, the decision to evict peaceful protesters from Ramlila grounds was WRONG. Period. In this country, do we have any fundamental rights or not?

If we have a Constitution, which grants the citizens the right to carry fire-arms to protect themselves against a tyrannical state.

No crime is bigger than the tyranny that was perpetrated by the state, then governed by Soniya, through Manmohan, thorough ..., on the night of June 4, 2011. And citizens, however peaceloving, MUST NOT BE at the MERCY of such a tyrannical state.

The bastards are saying that the country is moving towards anarchy. We want to reply to these evil bastards: Anarchy is preferable to this Tyranny! These tyrannical bastards have to be tried and convicted.

And please note, that a new Lokpal Bill will not do!

Thus we demand:

A new Constitution.

Let there be an interim care-taker government. Let there be debates and discussions. Let us give ourselves an year or two and write for ourselves a simple, and new constitution.

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